Fundraising for our brilliant female candidates

In 2005, Baroness Anne Jenkin and The Rt. Hon. Theresa May MP founded Women2Win - to address the fact that only 9% of Conservative MPs were women.

I've been involved with Women2Win since 2012, working to get more women elected to public life and to Parliament.

Hosting the 2019 Politics Summit

I had the pleasure of hosting The Fourth Group’s Politics Summit - a day of debate, talk, and panel discussions about “Globalism vs Nationalism in the Digital Age”. Speakers included professors, activists, campaigners, Mayoral candidates and an MEP.

Happy Diwali

To everyone celebrating Diwali here in the UK and around the world, I want to wish you all a happy Diwali and a joyful and successful new year.

Diwali, in the Hindu tradition, celebrates the homecoming of Lord Rama and Sita, who had been in exile for 14 years.

Campaigning in Northwood Ward

It's always great campaigning in your home ward - although it does take twice as long as any other ward when you knock on the doors of your friends and neighbours!

In conversation with The Rt. Hon. Sir Hugh Robertson

As Director of Strategy and Education at UK Anti-Doping, I had the privilege of hosting a three day conference at Wilton Park, with attendees from around the world. I had the pleasure of interviewing Sir Hugh, who was the keynote speaker.