“I’ve known Resham for a long time and know that she would make a great MP. She is really passionate about working to make our country better, and would be brilliant in Parliament.”

The Rt. Hon. James Cleverly MP, Foreign Secretary

“Resham is passionate and hardworking and would be a great representative. I look forward to working with her and know she would campaign tirelessly for her constituents’ best interests.”

The Rt. Hon. Penny Mordaunt MP, Leader of the House of Commons


“During the 2017 General Election, I was Resham’s campaign manager. She was a really hard working candidate and fully committed to the campaign. Not only did she have seemingly limitless energy for canvassing and delivery, but she also showed a huge talent for fundraising and recruiting volunteers. It was a pleasure to work with Resham and I have no doubt that one day she will make an amazing MP.”

Stacey Ingram, Target Seat Campaign Manager, 2017 General Election


“Resham has proven herself to be talented, approachable and hard working. It is a pleasure to work with Resham and have her representing you.”

Cllr Nick Denys, Former Association Chairman

“Resham’s enthusiasm & commitment is infectious. She inspired far more people to volunteer than we hoped for, went above and beyond with her fundraising, and could not have been more committed to the constituency for the 9 months she was our candidate.”

Stuart Millson, DWN Agent, 2015 GE