New Blue Book – The Emerging Leaders Edition

I was delighted to be asked to write a policy chapter for The Blue Book - a book of policy ideas by centre right policy thinkers.

The book covers topics from the BAME community (my chapter), to the NHS and education. If you're interested in exciting and ambitious ideas, this is the book for you!

"Containing ten chapters written by a diverse group of young emerging leaders on the centre-right, the second New Blue Book is a chance for a crop of rising stars to identify problems and propose policy solutions.

Being complacent while in Government is perhaps the worst mistake any political party can make. Second to that is having an identity crisis and forgetting the reasons why voters sent you into government in the first place. An unnamed Government Minister suggesting that “we need some time in opposition to regroup” does not help the Conservative cause now or the nation this Government was elected to serve (with the help of the DUP).

Our second New Blue Book gives a platform for new policy ideas and proposals, directly challenging the notion that the Government and the Party has lost its way. The party membership and grass roots are stacked with talent, brimming with ideas and ready to be more involved. The Emerging Leaders Edition of the New Blue Book is proof of just that."

Tory Reform Group