Article for CapX, Centre for Policy Studies - Is this the Brexit election? That depends where you’re campaigning

Resham wrote a piece for CapX, the Centre for Policy Studies' news website on the election and how people are responding on the doorstep. Below is an extract - To read the full article:

"As an experienced Conservative activist and candidate, I’ve spent the last 10 days speaking to voters and campaigners from Brighton to Birmingham and Hastings to Hexham to find out what it is that voters really care about, whether Brexit really is the defining issue of the Election, and whether campaign messages are cutting through outside of the Westminster bubble.

The most interesting of my campaigning experiences took place in Beaconsfield, where the Conservatives are fielding a new candidate – Joy Morrissey – against the former Attorney General and Conservative MP of 22 years, Dominic Grieve. For the first time in his life, Grieve is campaigning against his previous party in the hopes of stopping a ‘hard’ Brexit and is looking to overturn his own 24,543 majority from just two years ago."