Growing up, my parents would keep telling me that nothing is more important than education - and I've spent years volunteering in the sector to support the next generation.

Every child should have access to high quality education. I've spoken to parents while out on the doorstep about their concerns and ambitions for their children, and would push for a thoughtful and well planned solution to increasing secondary provision - and supporting local schools to increase their performance. 

I'm really proud that we've introduced T-levels and boosted funding for apprenticeships - education should not only mean university, and we should continue to focus on offering paths to developing skills and opportunities for life long learning.

As a Cabinet-Office appointed Deputy Chair of the Social Mobility Commission, I spend a lot of time looking at education, and how we can improve it, so as to make sure all our young people can succeed in life. 

I spent a number of years as the Trustee of a Special Educational Needs school, and led a charity for 3 years that focused on educating people from disadvantaged backgrounds in the UK.