Mount Vernon Hospital

I've lived one road away from Mount Vernon Hospital all my life and it has been my family's local hospital for over 35 years. 

Like many of our local residents, I was dismayed to read the results of an internal NHS review that stated Mount Vernon hospital was unfit for purpose. The group of experts who undertook the urgent review concluded that Mount Vernon can no longer operate safely as an important regional centre of cancer care, is unviable and as a result its services need to be moved and rebuilt from scratch elsewhere.

For 2 million people in London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Berkshire, Mount Vernon is our nearest specialist cancer centre and we are lucky to have outstanding staff across the hospital.

I would fight any review that suggested that Mount Vernon should not carry on as a stand-alone cancer treatment site. I know our local community has mobilised to make the case for keeping the cancer centre before, and, if selected to be your candidate, would be at the forefront of this if the centre was threatened again. 

Instead, I would fight for the funds needed to keep Mount Vernon, and the specialist cancer care centre, operating in its current site. People living with cancer deserve access to the best possible care from the moment they are diagnosed, and to be able to access this, close to where they live.