Tackling Unemployment & Creating Job Opportunities

I read Economics at University, and went on to work as an Economic Adviser to an MP and Junior Minister.

The MP I worked for was a member of the Treasury Select Committee, and I researched economic policy and briefed him extensively on employment - particularly on youth unemployment which had reached almost 20% after the 2007-2010 financial crash.

I worked as lead economist on a campaign to tackle youth unemployment. We took our policy suggestions and evidence-based proposals to the Chancellor where we argued that Employers should not be required to pay NI for under 25 year olds; thus encouraging businesses to give young people an opportunity and reducing the burden of tax on business! We were delighted that he took our proposal and made it law

I joined the Conservatives because I believe in the values of aspiration, of hard work and of supporting those who want to work hard and get on in life. I’m determined that everyone in our area should have access to the best opportunities - and will use my experience in crafting economic policy to do so.

I also organised a jobs fair with over 30 businesses represented, and 400 attendees. 

Unemployment is relatively low across Bicester and Woodstock, but I want to ensure that we continue to attract well-paying jobs, and that we create great opportunities for people of all ages. 

I will use my experience of fighting to change the law to create, shape, and influence policy so that we can continue to create great employment opportunities and will work with the small, and large employers we already have in the constituency.