Social Mobility - Helping People Achieve Their Potential

My dad's first job was on the floor of a Wall's ice-cream factory, and I was the first person in my family to go to University.

I was fortunate that I had a great combination of brilliant parenting, hard work, and luck - but I've always been really conscious and grateful for the opportunities I was fortunate enough to enjoy, and got into politics because I wanted to improve opportunities for others.

I'm a Conservative because I believe in the values of aspiration, hard work, and equality of opportunity. It shouldn't matter where you were born, what your parents do, or what race you are - everyone in the UK should have the opportunity to be able to achieve their potential.

I have spent a number of years as a Prince's Trust Mentor, mentoring young entrepreneurs, and before that, was a Shaw Trust Mentor, supporting the long-term unemployed.

In September 2022, the Cabinet Office appointed me - and 5 others - to serve as Social Mobility Commissioners. In this role, I work to advise the Government on the policy changes needed so that very person in the UK, regardless of their age, background, race or religion can have the chance to go as far in life as their aspiration, ability, and hard work can take them. The role also requires me to hold the Government to account, and push them to be ambitious.

Regardless of where in the country Bicester and Woodstock residents grew up, or what their parents did, I want to ensure that they have the best opportunities to realise their potential.