Improving healthcare

Hillingdon needs a new Hospital.  Until we get the funding and approval for that, we need to ensure we get the funds to resolve the unacceptable state of the current hospital building. Its current form isn't fair on staff, and it isn't fair on patients.

I have met with Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health, and will be requesting a meeting with Sajid Javid, Chancellor of the Exchequor to highlight my concerns about our needs locally. My priority would be to support the new Hillingdon Hospital team pressing for short-term funding to upgrade the critical infrastructure, and then to lead a campaign for a new hospital.  

I would also fight any review that suggested that Mount Vernon should not carry on as a stand-alone cancer treatment site.  I know our local community has mobilised  to make the case for keeping the cancer centre before, and would be at the forefront of this if the centre was threatened again.  

My family, and many others have benefited from the walk-in aspect of the Pinn Medical Centre, so I know how important it is to our community to maintain the walk-in centre in its current form. I would support the Partners and the Patient’s Association in protecting the interests of patients would work closely with the Pinn and the NHS to ensure patients can access care in a way that works for our community.  

The Northwood and Pinner Cottage Hospital site is still awaiting redevelopment. I'm keen for the NHS to  retain community health facilities on the site. The NHS confirmed to Nick Hurd MP that they intend to go ahead with a proposed redevelopment that combines: a) an upgrade of the existing Health Centre, b) the delivery of new primary care services from a “hub” on site, and c) residential accommodation to help fund it. The NHS have confirmed their intention to submit a planning application by March, 2020, and I would press them on submitting a proposal as promised.