Domestic Violence

I've spent the last decade trying to raise awareness of domestic violence and abusive relationships - particularly in ethnic minority communities where it isn't talked about, and where women are shamed for leaving abusive relationships.

I feel particularly strongly about the issue as I was in an abusive relationship when I was younger, and know how difficult it can be to leave.

During the pandemic, I wrote about the rise in abuse, and the risk to women - and men - in abusive situations in lockdown.

Along with 2 great women, I cofounded a campaign - HIIT Against Hit - to raise funds, and awareness of the issue. We got Olympians, athletes, cricketers, and other role models to participate in the campaign and were able to raise a 5 figure sum to support charities in the sector.

We were featured by Metro, and I've continued working on the issue - speaking at schools about how to spot abusive relationships and how to get help to leave them.