Affordable Housing across Bicester & Woodstock - and Protecting Our Green Spaces

Residents I've spoken to whilst out campaigning across Bicester and Woodstock are particularly concerned about the lack of affordable housing available.

However, while people recognise houses need to be built, it is really important that these houses are built with careful consideration - appropriate infrastructure and transport links need to be considered, and green spaces need to be protected for future generations. These houses also need to take into account the needs of people who want to live in Bicester and Woodstock, rather than us just being treated as an overspill for neighbouring cities.

As Conservatives, we are the party of aspiration, and of home ownership - so it is really important that we give younger generations the opportunity to buy homes, and build futures for themselves, whilst conserving green spaces and quality of life for residents. I would work alongside Robert Courts MP to fight the ludicrous proposal for Botley West. Whilst it is important that we achieve energy security, this cannot be at the cost of our countryside. The Botley West Solar Farm in its current proposal, would make it the largest solar farm in Europe, and 76% of it would be on greenbelt land, causing it to have an irreversible and deeply damaging impact on the West Oxfordshire countryside.

I take a lot of comfort from the fact that well-run Conservative local councils are focused on identifying brownfield sites and protecting our green spaces, but know that it is important for Parliamentarians to support appropriate local planning and the hard work of local councillors - especially given the poorly run Oxford County Council, and the mess that the opposition are making with Cherwell District Council since the local elections.