About Resham

My parents moved to the UK at 16, met at Polytechnic, fell in love and got married at 21. They each worked two jobs and saved for 13 years until they could afford to have children before having me and my twin sister. 

Whilst we discussed economics at home, and my parents voted Conservative, I didn't ever think about being active in politics. Instead, I spent most of my youth volunteering, participating in sports (even winning a National trampolining competition!) and training as a semi-professional dancer.

I grew up with chronic back pain after some sporting injuries so I know how it feels to rely on the NHS and to need strong support for young people at school and University.

I got a job in Parliament in 2013 and knew I had found my calling when I realised how much I could help people and shape our country for the better. I stood as the candidate for Dulwich & West Norwood in the 2015 General Election and was proud to achieve an increase in the voteshare, run successful campaigns and increase membership by a third.

I am a proud Conservative, a Cambridge Economics graduate, a former PPC and a member of the North West London Area Officers' Team. I currently work with businesses to shape their strategy and am on the board of the UK's oldest Asian Charity.

You'll be able to get information about me, my past campaigns and my latest news - and hopefully you'll see why I'm so passionate about politics and public service.