I'm delighted to have been selected by local people to be your Conservative candidate and moved to Coventry three days after selection. 

The thing I hear most when I'm out door knocking is that people want a fresh start- and an MP who cares enough about Coventry to live here. If I'm lucky enough to have your support, I will have my home in Coventry NW and will hold weekly surgeries so that I can be your voice- both here in Coventry and in Westminster.



The Rt. Hon. David Davis MP, Secretary of State for Exiting the EU explains why only the Conservatives can deliver a good Brexit deal for Coventry North West.


Protecting the Green Belt

The Labour run council is responsible for deciding how many houses we need in Coventry NW and where they should be built.

They have decided we need 25,000 houses and have decided 8,000 of those should be on the Green belt. Conservative councillors have been fighting these proposals- asking for houses to be built on brownfield sites FIRST and to only build houses on Green Belt in phases when all brownfield sites have been used. The Labour council has voted against these proposals, with no explanation. The Labour MP has done nothing to protect Green Belt locally.

Sajid Javid, Secretary of State for Communities & Local Government came to Coventry today and has explained what the Conservatives have been doing and what we will do if reelected to help protect Green Belt.


Supporting Small Businesses

Here in Coventry North West we are lucky to have great small businesses - if elected as your MP I will work to support them and to help them grow. I spoke with Margot James, Minister for Small Business, about some of the things the Government has done to make it easier for small businesses to succeed.

The Conservative Government has reduced the burden of red tape by £10billion since 2010, introduced a prompt payment code to help businesses and has established a £250million Midlands Engine Investment Fund aimed at boosting the region’s economy and supporting the growth ambitions of its 460,000 smaller businesses.

For a business friendly Government, vote Conservative on the 8th of June.

Resham talks to Business Minister Margot James from Resham Kotecha on Vimeo.