Reaching out to BME voters

resham_kotecha_bme_panel.jpgIn 2015, a quarter of a million first time voters came from ethnic minorities estimates are that by 2050, one third of the electorate will come from an ethnic minority.

resham_kotecha_cfi_shailesh_vara.jpgFor the 2015 General Election,he Conservative party selected 45 new candidates from ethnic minority backgrounds in England and Wales, in addition to the 11 Conservative candidates from BME backgrounds who are standing again. This meant that over 14% of new candidates were from BME communities (in line with the UK population) and in retirement seats, likely to return a Conservative MP, that proportion was even higher, where 7 out of the 38 retirement seats had BME candidates.

Whilst this is very positive, BME communities are still less likely to vote or participate in politics as a community so Resham has been reaching out through a series of panel events and by speaking at schools, Universities and community events around the country.

Resham has also spent several years as a member of the Conservative Friends of India team - an organisation seeking to build stronger links between the Conservative Party, the British Indian community and India.