Resham Kotecha PPC: Conservatives helping people to find an affordable home in Lambeth & Southwark

Resham has welcomed figures showing that the Conservatives are delivering new affordable homes for families in Lambeth & Southwark.

In Lambeth & Southwark, 2250 and 2600 new affordable homes respectively have been delivered since 2010. This mean thousands more families able to find a good quality, affordable home and enjoy greater peace of mind.

Thanks to the Conservatives long-term economic plan, over 200,000 new affordable homes have been built across England since 2010; Britain is now building more homes than at any time since 2007. A future Conservative government would deliver 100,000 new homes, available with a 20 per cent discount, exclusively for first-time buyers under the age of 40.

This is in contrast with Labour’s record in government of falling housebuilding and a reduction in the number of social homes to rent by 420,000.

Resham said:

‘Conservatives inherited falling levels of housebuilding from Labour which meant families looking for a good quality, affordable home struggled to do so.

‘Thanks to the Conservatives long-term economic plan, Britain is building again with housebuilding now at its highest level since 2007 and 230,000 new homes given planning permission in the last year. This has helped to deliver several thousand new affordable homes in Lambeth and Southwark since 2010. A Conservative government after the next election would go further, delivering 100,000 new starter homes, for first-time buyers only, which will be 20 per cent cheaper than the market price, helping more people own their own home.

‘The only way to continue building the homes Britain needs is to stick to our long-term economic plan. The biggest threat to housebuilding is a Labour government that would impose more taxes and regulation on the housing market and make it harder for families to buy a home.’