Local PPC Resham Kotecha: Crime down in Dulwich & West Norwood - making our community a safer place to live

CrimeConservative PPC Resham Kotecha has welcomed news that crime is falling. Crime recorded by the police in Dulwich & West Norwood has fallen by 13% since 2010. 

The latest figures from the independent Crime Survey of England and Wales show that crime across the country has fallen by more than a fifth in the same period.

In England and Wales this means that in the last year, compared with the year before this Government came to power, there were:

  • More than 2.3 million fewer crimes.
  • 160,000 fewer homes burgled.
  • 290,000 fewer vehicle crimes. 
  • 413,000 fewer violent crimes.
  • 962,000 fewer incidents of criminal damages.

Commenting, Resham said:

‘I’m pleased that the Government is following an action plan to tackle crime and make Dulwich & West Norwood a safer place to live.

Crime has fallen by 13% in Dulwich & West Norwood, thanks to our plan and the hard work of police officers.

This means families are safer and more secure – and Dulwich & West Norwood can enjoy a better, brighter future.’