Conservative manifesto will lead to brighter future in Dulwich and West Norwood

IMAG0396.jpgConservative candidate Resham Kotecha welcomed the Conservative Party Manifesto which was launched this week by the Prime Minister David Cameron. Resham agrees that the country is “on the brink of something special”. She commented that “for those who are ambitious and work hard in Dulwich & West Norwood, there is every reason to feel that they should be rewarded for their endeavours, and if we see the Conservatives in government after 7th May we will ensure they are”.

The same goes for those looking for training or a good job; wanting to buy their own home; raising a family and needing help with childcare or a great school place; falling ill and needing to rely on our NHS; or reaching retirement and wanting real security – the Conservatives are there for you, because it's only the Conservatives who grasp the key point: that you need a strong economy to give everyone the security they need.

So what are the key elements in the Conservatives’ 2015 Manifesto? The main points are:

  • The personal tax-free allowance will be raised to £12,500
  • No 40p tax until you're earning £50,000
  • The family home taken out of Inheritance Tax, up to £1 million for a married couple
  • £8 billion more a year for our NHS - so it's there for your family, fully funded, for 7 days a week
  • Rail fares frozen for five years
  • Welfare controlled in such a way as to reward work
  • Multinationals pursued so they pay the tax they owe in the UK
  • The ‘Right to Buy’ extended to 1.3 million extra families
  • 30 hours of free childcare a week for working families with 3 and 4 year-olds
  • Everyone earning the Minimum Wage lifted out of income tax altogether.

Resham adds, “It’s important that people in Dulwich & West Norwood appreciate that the only truly forward-looking party with a fully worked out, long-term and fiscally responsible economic plan for the country is the Conservatives. If we succeed at the election on 7th May, there will be the prospect for yet more economic growth and stability based upon the solid foundation built during the last 5 years in government, and that in turn will enable the Conservatives’ manifesto pledges to be delivered – to the betterment of all hard working people.

Furthermore only voting for the Conservatives will ensure that those living in higher value properties in the constituency will escape unfairly punitive mansion taxes.”