I'm delighted to have been selected by local people to be your Conservative candidate and moved to Coventry three days after selection. 

The thing I hear most when I'm out door knocking is that people want a fresh start- and an MP who cares enough about Coventry to live here. If I'm lucky enough to have your support, I will have my home in Coventry NW and will hold weekly surgeries so that I can be your voice- both here in Coventry and in Westminster.

Resham Kotecha - Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Coventry North West


Resham’s 6 Point Plan for Coventry North West

1. Brexit - We need to make a success of Brexit and ensure Coventry NW thrives. I will fight for our manufacturing and automotive industries to be at the forefront of our Prime Minister’s negotiations and get the best deal for Coventry North West.

2. Green Belt - We need to challenge the local plan. I will listen to constituent’s views and campaign to get funding from the Regional Development Agency so we can build on all the brownfield sites first. Once greenbelt is gone, it is gone forever.

3. Coventry Culture Bid - Coventry deserves recognition and I will work closely with the council, the other Coventry MPs and the Mayor to promote our bid.

4. Jobs - I want everyone in Coventry North West to have a stable job. I will work to attract firms to Coventry and will host jobs fairs keep unemployment low.

5. Business Investment - It is important to me to ensure that Coventry North West benefits from business investment. I will use my platform as an MP to generate business investment attracting businesses to the area.

6. Crime - I want to support the local police force in investigating crime and will encourage residents in their local neighbourhood watch schemes. I want residents of Coventry North West to feel safe in their local neighbourhoods.

Video - Resham talks about the role of Women2Win

What the Conservatives have done for Coventry North West

In Coventry North West, 48,701 people have had an income tax cut since 2015. A typical basic rate taxpayer pays over £1,000 less in income tax than when we came into government in 2010.

The number of people claiming key out of work benefits is down by 59 per cent since 2010.

There are 690 more small businesses than in 2010.

In Coventry North West, schools have received £4.8 million for disadvantaged pupils through the Pupil Premium in the last year.

7,450 people in Coventry North West have started an apprenticeship since 2010.

Across the Coventry local authority area, there are 14 more good or outstanding schools than in 2015.

Across the West Midlands region, there are now 1,279 more hospital doctors and 696 more nurses.



In less than two years Britain will be leaving the EU. The priority now is to get the best possible deal for us all. Voting for Resham helps to strengthen the Prime Minister's hand in the negotiations by giving Theresa May the mandate she needs for Britain.  


Having a secure and stable job is one of the top priorities in many resident's lives and Resham hopes to create more opportunities for residents in Coventry North West. 

Many residents have expressed concern about plans to build on our greenbelt. Resham has pledged to work with local residents to campaign against this.
In 2010, youth unemployment (18-24 year olds) had reached nearly 20%. Nearly one million people from my generation were unemployed. 

Resham has spent the last five years as a member of the Women2Win team, initially as a coordinator before becoming the COO and now serve as the Deputy-Chair. 
In 2015, a quarter of a million first time voters came from ethnic minorities estimates are that by 2050, one third of the electorate will come from an ethnic minority.